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A Mother's Wish

Posted May 17th, 2021

Sometimes in life, circumstances are totally out of your control and you are left at the mercy of organizations like the RAFT to step in and provide direction.

My son came into the RAFT shelter and was immediately helped, the over daunting task of trying to understand where he belongs was very apparent.

The staff have provided excellent leadership and guidance to helping my son who is troubled and struggling with addiction and mental health issues. I personally have found that our healthcare system is void of handling that age bracket of 19-25.

The RAFT is not an unknown name to me, a close friend had her son go through the same situation and was able to move forward and evolve with his life. He was provided the necessary tools and leadership to help him make that transition between being homeless and afraid of what the future holds to being placed and set up with the necessary tools to succeed.

The RAFT has provided me peace of mind that there are people trained to help those who struggle. The RAFT provides a safe environment for those adjusting to making changes and seeking the path to help them move forward. The RAFT stops the unknown variable, if your child was homeless on the street and potentially in danger.

Programs like this are so vital, in fact, the mental health side should dedicate more funding to help those in need.

The staff have been tremendous to deal with and have been able to put my mind at ease.

Thank you for that.

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Two Years of Shelter Diversion: Learnings and Lessons

Aug 9th, 2021

This report examines the effectiveness of a Centralized Shelter Diversion program in the Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada between April 2019 and April 2021. The dataset consists of information gathered by a team of Shelter Diversion workers who had 2,643 interactions with 1,181 unique people as they sought access to shelter provided by the RAFT’s Youth Shelter, Southridge Community Church’s Adult Shelter, or the Boys and Girls Club of Niagara’s Nightlight Youth Shelter. The report plots the n...

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  • The budgeting program is a great for helping people plan a budget for when they are living on their own. They take the time to listen to what kinds of things people need to put in a budget, and they explain how to spend within a specific budget, and save money by using coupons. They also showed us how to save for college! These guys are perfect.
    - Sierra, Age 17
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